In Class

  1. BulletHead Shoulders Knees and Toes (en español por M. J. Aronica)

    Cabeza, hombros, piernas, pies
    Piernas, pies.
    Cabeza, hombros, piernas, pies
    Piernas, pies.
    Ojos, orejas, boca, una nariz
    Cabeza, hombros, piernas, pies
    Piernas, pies

  2. BulletHave your students recite and point to the appropriate body part in this tongue twister:
    Del pelo al codo y del codo al pelo, del codo al pelo y del pelo al codo.

  3. BulletColombiana suggested this exciting competition: put the names of the body parts on sticky notes. Divide the class in four or five groups of four students.  They have to stick the sticky note on the appropriate parts of the body of the volunteer from their group. The first group that has stuck their sticky notes correctly wins!

  4. BulletHokey pokey.
    Pon las manos adentro
    Pon las manos afuera
    Pon las manos adentro
    Y comporta como loco/
    Hacemos el hokey-pojey y damos vueltas
    Este es lo que pa-asa.

  5. Bullet¿Qué te duele? I use a soft globe for this fun exercise. One student, with the globe in hand, begins by addressing another student in the class, asking, “¿Qué te pasa, te duele el(la)__________________? He then quickly throws the ball to that student who must reply either “si me duele” or “no, no me duele.” It is then that student’s turn to ask another student and fill in the blank.  Little chance for error and great practice.

  1. BulletMe Duele la Cabeza Song. Watch on Youtube

  1. BulletAnother version, done by students, of Me Duele la Cabeza

  1. BulletEl Cuerpo Señor! Great Song by Soggy Bottom Boys

Fun Things to Buy

  1. BulletTeacher Discovery makes a fun short movie about body parts where the “Gringo,” Josh has to practice asking Mexicans he meets in the mall to show him various body parts.  You can purchase it here

  2. BulletWhat are the different body parts for?  Find out by singing this Ritmo Salsa from Cantos Ritmos y Rimas by Lonnie Dai Zovi: You can buy the lyrics and CD. purchase it here

  1. BulletPractice body parts, the verb doler, and the imperative in the fun Ritmo Guaguanco por Lonnie Dai Zovi called “ME DUELE LA CABEZA.” purchase it here

Internet Activities

  1. BulletBody Parts “hangman.”

  2. BulletMultiple choice “body parts.”  Live Model!

  3. BulletBody Parts, Part 2. (almost rated R)

  4. BulletThe Face.

  5. BulletRead the events related to Maria’s health and put them in logical chronological order.  Great exercise for reading comprehension!

  6. BulletWho wants to be a millionaire Body parts/health Game. Have your students test themselves on vocabulary and cultural information related to doctors/healthcare/pharmacies in Spanish Speaking countries.

  7. BulletWhat’s the matter?  Cartoon characters multiple choice.

  8. BulletDrag the parts of the face to the head. You will hear the parts pronounced for